Daily Dose of Inspiration

Happiness never decreases from being shared. ~Buddha From our friends at caregiverlist.com

Sending Toiletries To Our Participants

Beacon of LIFE received a wonderful donation of toiletries from the Ronald McDonald House of Central and Northern New Jersey. We are so grateful for their generous donation to our participants, especially during this unprecedented time. Our hard-working staff bagged up the toiletries and sent them out to be delivered to our lovely participants. Thank [Read More]

Physical Therapy Never Stops!

Beacon of LIFE continues to provide physical therapy for our participants. Movement is very important for seniors, and Beacon wants our participants to continue to strengthen their muscles and get stronger. If you are still want to strengthen your muscles at home, have a look at our leg straightening videos instructed by our physical therapist [Read More]

Daily Dose of Inspiration

A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows. ~ St. Francis of Assisi Thank you for the inspiration caregiverlist.com

We are Beacon Proud!

Beacon of LIFE would like to take this moment to show our appreciation for our hard working staff. They have showed their bravery and courage every day. They have adapted to the ever changing regulations to keep both staff and participants safe. Thank you for all that you do! Don’t forget to wear a mask!

A Heartwarming Testimonial

There’s nothing like a heartfelt testimonial, to foster confidence and enthusiasm for any program.

June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, a dedicated time for healthcare providers, patient advocates and the migraine community to stand up and speak out for migraine recognition and treatment.

Benefits of Wearing a Cloth Face Covering

The CDC has recommended wearing a face mask or a cloth face covering in public settings, especially in settings were social distancing is difficult, such as grocery stores. While everyone should always try to maintain a proper six feet from people to create social distance, read below about the benefits of wearing a cloth face [Read More]

Beacon of LIFE wants to make sure our participants are keeping their body moving while they are stay safe at home! Our wonderful physical therapist, Sol, recorded a few excerises that you can do at home, to keep healthy!

Recognizing Our Healthcare Heroes

As the world around us remains in a state of quarantine, the amazing staff at Beacon of LIFE continues to provide care to our beloved senior participants. They are prepared for whatever has been and will be thrown their way, and have shown how quickly and easily they can adapt to the ever-changing safety regulations. [Read More]

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