Proper Sleep is Essential for Healing

There’s no place more comfortable to sleep than in one’s own bed. That’s just one of the reasons PACE programs, like Beacon of LIFE, in Oceanport, NJ, work so hard to allow frail seniors to stay in their own homes rather than move into a nursing home. But there’s another advantage to good sleep: it [Read More]

4 Tips to Make Barbecues Safe for Seniors

It’s summer at last! And nothing celebrates this glorious season better than a barbecue. As you plan a barbecue that includes older people, however, follow these tips to make sure that it’s fun — and healthy — for everyone. Think about the menu. Most seniors have some dietary restrictions. In some case, you may know [Read More]

Clinical depression affects up to one third of people who have been through a heart attack. And that episode of depression becomes a new risk factor for recurrence: Those who become depressed after a heart attack have double the risk of another heart attack, or of dying from heart disease, than those who do not [Read More]

Summer Weather and the Elderly

Beacon of LIFE, in Oceanport, NJ, a government-approved PACE program that provides comprehensive, community-based care for seniors who would otherwise need to live in a facility. And it offers its services — which include adult day care, meals, primary care, hospital care, medical specialty services, prescription drugs, nursing home care, emergency services, home care, physical [Read More]

Yes, it’s true that Medicare Parts A and B, also known as Original Medicare, don’t cover dental services. And while some Medicare Part C plans, also known as Medicare Advantage, do offer dental coverage, they generally require you to pay coinsurance, meaning that you are on the hook for as much as 50% of the [Read More]

Developing an Insulin Pill

Insulin, a staple of diabetes treatment for Type 1 and, occasionally, Type 2 diabetes, is available only as an injectable. This is administered either through daily injections with a needle or by use of an insulin pump. Unfortunately, both methods are inconvenient and often painful, making patient compliance an ongoing concern. If there were only [Read More]

Rates of cardiovascular disease and cancer, the top two causes of death worldwide, are rising rapidly. The greatest risk factor for both? The food on your plate. The landmark Global Burden of Disease Study looked at dietary consumption between 1990 and 2017 in 195 countries, focusing on 115 particular types of food and nutrients in [Read More]

How Not to Use an Inhaler

Inhalers are a daily fact of life for tens of millions of Americans, including people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) as well as those with asthma and other breathing issues. But it is not enough to prescribe an inhaler for someone with breathing problems. Studies show that two-thirds of people do not use their [Read More]

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