Keeping the Senior Community Safe at Home

According to the National PACE Association (NPA), participants of the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) have one-third of the risk of nursing home residents for contracting COVID-19.

The PACE program model services those who are 55 years or older who would otherwise need a nursing home level of care. PACE programs provide participants and their families the flexibility and quality of life which allows them to receive robust healthcare and recreational programs at the center while aging in place at home.

Prior to COVID-19 and the pandemic, PACE programs have been proven safer and cost-effective for seniors. Studies show they achieve better care, patient experience, and lower out-of-pocket costs for those that remain in their homes.

Comparably to those who received Medicaid in nursing homes, PACE participants have a 24% lower hospitalization rate and have one less emergency room visit per person.

Beacon of LIFE has adapted our services during COVID-19 to meet our participants’ needs in the safest way possible. This includes protecting our seniors and care team from COVID by offering vaccines, increasing social support, and expanding the use of telehealth.

While shifting towards a home-based service, Beacon of LIFE has increased home-delivered meals and transportation for our participants.

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