Proper Sleep is Essential for Healing

There’s no place more comfortable to sleep than in one’s own bed. That’s just one of the reasons PACE programs, like Beacon of LIFE, in Oceanport, NJ, work so hard to allow frail seniors to stay in their own homes rather than move into a nursing home.

But there’s another advantage to good sleep: it promotes healing.

Sleep is an essential component of the body’s ability to maintain itself, a process known as homeostasis. When deprived of sleep, the body becomes compromised, including its immune response.

The less good-quality sleep we get, the more likely we are to get sick. And if we aren’t sleeping well when we are sick, it takes longer get better.

While this is true for the general population, it has special significance for seniors, who are the most likely segment of the population to suffer from chronic conditions. A recent study, published in the medical journal Sleep, quantified the degree to which sleep affects the healing of wounds. The study found that  having poor-quality sleep impeded healing, making it take almost twice as long to recover from a simple wound.

A government-approved PACE program like Beacon of LIFE provides seniors with their best chance of rest and healing by allowing them to meet their health care needs while continuing to live in their home rather than in an institution.

Beacon of LIFE maintains an interdisciplinary team of professionals who give each client the coordinated care they need. Our staff specialize in working with older people, and work with each client and their family to develop the most effective plan of care.

We provide a variety of services, including primary care, hospital care, medical specialty services, prescription drugs, nursing home care, emergency services, home care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, adult day care, recreational therapy, meals, dentistry, nutritional counseling, social services, laboratory / X-ray services, social work counseling, and transportation.

Our care and services allow people who would otherwise need to live in a nursing home to live where they are most comfortable — in their own communities, in their own homes.

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