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PACE Provides Comprehensive Care

PACE uses Medicare and Medicaid funds to cover all medically necessary care and services. Medicaid completely covers the cost of the program, while Medicare covers a portion of the program. A private pay option is also available to join PACE.

The Focus Is On You

You have a team of health care professionals to help you make health care decisions. Your team is experienced in caring for people like you. They get to know you, what kind of living situation you are in, and what your preferences are. You and your family participate as the team develops and updates your plan of care, in order to achieve your goals.

PACE Covers Prescription Drugs

Beacon of LIFE offers Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage if you are eligible. If you join the PACE program, you’ll get your Part D-covered drugs and all other necessary medications directly from the PACE program. Note: If you are in a PACE program, you don’t need to join a separate Medicare drug plan. If you do, you will lose your PACE health and prescription drug benefits.

PACE Supports Family Caregivers

Beacon of LIFE supports your family members and other caregivers with caregiving training, support groups, and respite care to help you keep your loved ones in the community.

PACE Provides Services In The Community

Beacon of LIFE provides care and services in the home, community, and PACE center. We have contracts with many specialists and other providers in the community to make sure that you get the care you need. Many PACE participants get most of their care from staff employed by Beacon of LIFE, in the PACE center. All PACE centers meet state and federal safety requirements and include adult day programs, medical clinics, personal care, activities, and occupational and physical therapy programs.

Preventive Care Is Covered And Encouraged

The focus of every PACE organization is to help you live in the community for as long as possible. To meet this goal, Beacon of LIFE focuses on preventive care. Although all people enrolled in PACE are eligible for nursing home care, only 7% live in nursing homes.

PACE Provides Medical Transportation

Beacon of LIFE provides all transportation to the PACE center for activities or medical appointments.

Revolutionizing Senior Care

PACE also includes other services determined to be necessary by your team of healthcare professionals to improve and maintain your overall health. Enrollment is voluntary and you may disenroll at any time.

Primary Care

Physical Therapy

Nutritional Services / Meals

Hospital Care

Medical Specialty Services

Nursing Home Care

Dental Care

Laboratory / X-ray Services

Social Services

Occupational Therapy

Home Care Services

Emergency Services

Prescription Drugs

End of LIFE Care

Adult Day Care with Recreational Activities