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COVID-19 has affected all of us but has severely affected the life of elderly people who are at higher risk of lethality. Beacon of LIFE provides services for those who are 55 years and older. To adapt our services during this global pandemic, we have adjusted and enhanced the program to equally accommodate participants that are at home. To better serve our community, we have also begun a program that provides services to local seniors as well.


Our Services

Social interaction is an important part of our program. We have initiated an exciting phone program to interact with our Beacon participants throughout the day. The program begins in the morning with word games and cognitive activities and continues into the afternoon with games such as our beloved phone Bingo. Taking the proper precautions, we hand deliver intellectually stimulating games, magazines, yarn for crochet club members, and other arts and crafts activities for what we call “social calls.”

We know how important movement and body exertion is to the elderly, to continue a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically. To ensure that our newly at-home participants continue to move, we deliver exercise packets and have video call exercise checkups. Our clinic continues to care for our participants. For their safety, our physicians, therapists, and home aides are visiting our participants at their homes.


Non-Member Services

We understand how normally independent elders, are unable to complete their normal routines and social interactions. Beacon of LIFE is proud to announce that we have started to service local non-participants. Like our participants, they will receive hot meals delivered to their doors. They also receive social calls to boost cognitive activity and to ensure that they have someone to interact with over the phone during this time. Non-members are also receiving emergency transportation, if needed.

Beacon of LIFE wants to ensure our elders are still thriving during this difficult time. We also want to keep them safe. If you or someone you know would like to be a part of our program, please contact Beacon of LIFE at 732.592.3400.

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